E’ uno spettacolo che ha la presunzione di riportare all’ordine l’Essere Umano che si è perso nel difficile cammino della sua evoluzione, sopraffatto dalla sua potente, straordinaria e temuta intelligenza.
Il messaggio lanciato vorrebbe andare oltre ogni barriera di pensiero che la mente umana possa costruire, penetrando la coscienza per intaccare o infrangere il muro dell’INDIFFERENZA.
   Ma l’Uomo e’ pronto per essere salvato?

Scritto e prodotto da Stefano Pausilli e SP SERVIZI

It is a show that has the presumption of bringing order to  the human being that  is lost in the difficult path of its evolution, overwhelmed by its powerful, extraordinary and feared intelligence.

The launched message should go beyond any barrier  of thought that the human mind can build, penetrating consciousness to plague and shatter the wall of indifference.
But is the Human being ready to be saved?

Written and produced by Stefano pausilli and sp servizi


My name is Stefano Pausilli and I am a songwriter.

       The texts of my songs are inspired to the intelligence of human being and its inability to use it in a constructive o positive way provoking, in this way, irreversible damages to hiself and the whole a Planet and threatering his own survival.
My dream has always been to realize a show play with my songs, titled as “ The journey of the man”. In the website “
www.ilviaggiodelluomo.it” you will find the showreel of the showplay with a video mapping that enriches and enhances the concert. An important characteristic of the rapresentation the talked introduction of every song, that stimulates the spectator to listen and assimilate the text.

      My ambition is to show my showplay to all the humans of the planet, so that they have global awareness.

      “The human mind is the battle camp where reason and istinct fight, creating several kinds of anxieties, difficulties, troubles and fears that the man has to deal with; fears provocated by the consciosness that he has tryed to hide o justify with the Religions, Alcool, and Drugs; fears derived from mortal fragility”.

This is my thought about human being, always escaping from his reality of being a human.

                                    Stefano Pausilli

Info e Prenotazioni

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email:  info@ilviaggiodelluomo.it